Be here now. Thank you @rvku for capturing me in the present, it’s my favorite place to be.

Always better in the sun.

Fly close to the water.

If you believe it, peace will rise within you.

Be free.

All that falls, will always rise again.

Be thankful to rise everyday and experience your journey.

Chin up.

Faith is the understanding that you create your own future.

Believe in your journey, and allow it to lead you.

Happy to see the light this morning.

Setting up 2014’s goals and taking action.

2013 is a reflection now. We bring in 2014 with fog before us & faith that the shore is just ahead.

“When I realized I was not my body, I became free.”
— (via 10000steps)

(via 10000steps)

Beyond blessed to have a Merry Christmas with this guy.